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2018 FNCE DC Dining Guide
A HEN Dining Guide for 2018 FNCE in Washington, DC
External Relationship Prospectus and Sponsorship Criteria
Outline for networking, sponsoring, and collaborating with HENDPG.
HEN History Timeline
HEN Membership Brochure
A brochure that explains more about HEN membership
HEN Organic Food Talking Points
In an effort to empower Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) to speak with confidence and competence on the evidence surrounding organic food production, members of the Hunger and Environmental Nutrition Dietetics Practice Group (HEN) have synthesized the most current research into easy-to-use Talking Points.
HEN's Guiding Principles
Natural Medicines Database
A Quick Start Guide for the Natural Medicines Database
Sustainable, Resilient, and Healthy Food and Water Systems: A Curriculum for Dietetic Students and Interns