HEN Leadership Positions for 2021 - 2022: Apply Now

APPLY FOR HEN LEADERSHIP POSITIONS FOR 2021-2022! The application to apply can be found HERE and are being accepted until October 20th. Below are the following positions, linked to the description.


Chair Elect (3 year term limit)

Secretary (2 year term)

Awards Committee Chair Elect (2 year term - 1st year on the committee and then becoming Awards Chair in 2022)

Nominating Chair-Elect (2 year term - First year on the committee and then becoming Nominating  Chair in 2022)

Diversity & Inclusion Liaison (2 year term) - The Nominating Committee is excited to announce that this NEW HEN Board elected position is now a voting position and part of the HEN Executive Committee! This is an important step toward making our organization and profession more equitable, inclusive, and anti-racist. Consider nominating someone or yourself for this exciting position!

Please direct any questions to Nominating Chair, Mary Purdy at mary@marypurdy.co or Nominating Committee Member, Sherri Pinero at  sherripineroRD@yahoo.com