Sustainable Food Systems Certificate of Training from the Academy

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Certificate of Training in Sustainable Food Systems

Want to learn more about sustainable food systems? Check out the Academy's Certificate of Training in Sustainable Food Systems.

The Certificate of Training program consists of four separate modules that build on each other. To receive the certificate associated with this training, all four modules and related tests must first be completed and a subsequent final post test exam in Module 4 must be passed with a minimum of an 80% in order to receive the Certificate of Training. The Certificate of Training can then be downloaded and printed from the site.

Links to each module are below or visit the EatRight Store for more information.

Module 1- Introduction to Sustainable Food Systems

Module 2 - From Field to Fork

Module 3 - Food Environments

Module 4 - Community Food Insecurity and Hunger

Modules are $24 with AND memebership or $54 as a nonmember. Please note, HEN members receive the $24 per module price as AND members.